Maison Arlus Tripod Floor Lamp, 1950s

Decorative mid century french floor lamp from Maison Arlus, tripod feet with black painted metal structure with brass elements, 3x opalescent glass diffusers. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 40 x 40 x 153 cm

2x French Art Deco Easy Chairs

Pair of french pre-war easy chairs dating from the Art Deco period, with an orientalist / ethnic style ebonized massive oakwood structures with carved motivs. Original rattan covered seating surface. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 52 x 58 x 82 cm / 34 cm

French Bicolored Lantern, 1950s

Decorative midcentury lantern, diabolo shaped top diffusers painted in red and black, matched with curvy black and brass elements. Thick wavy central glass diffuser. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 25 x 25 x 40 + 89 cm

Swiss Modernist Shelving Unit

Decorative mid-century swiis manufactured modernist free standing triangle shaped shelving unit, beech veneered corpus matched with wine red painted bottom / black painted metal leaf base and clear glass slide-in shelves. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 52 x 47 x 115 cm

Scandinavian Modernist Floor Lamp

Simply beautiful modernist floor lamp. The lamp is composed of a floating upper layer grey metal shade suspended on brass holders, an acrylic diffuser mounted on the central rod. The rod painted in white is matched with brass and wood inserts. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 54 x 54 x 162…

Gerrit Rietveld High Chair, 1960s

Simply beautiful kid’s high chair of Gerrit Rietveld and has been crafted in the mid 1950-early 1960s. The chair is crafted in birchwood matched with massive teakwood planks and dowels. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 45 x 40 x 90 cm

Maison Arlus Chandelier, 1950s

Decorative Mid-Century chandelier by Maison Arlus, composed of four opaline glass cylindrical diffusers, matched with an arc shaped painted and unpainted brass structure. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 80 x 29 x 56 cm

Italian Bicolored Chandelier, 1950s

  Italian chandelier dating from the mid 1950s, curvy brass elements for the structure matched with bicolored painted bakelite parts. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 60 x 60 x 90 cm  

2x Modernist Cones Sconces

Decorative set of midcentury Italian colorful wall sconces, red / green / blue painted and perforated metal diffusers mounted on rotating brass rotules, black painted metal wall mounts. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 16 x 30 x 24 cm

Orientalist Lantern Type Pendants, 1960s

Set 2x mid century orientalist style pendant lamp, shaped like lanterns – they combine grey painted metal with teak wood & brass elemnts, patterned glass diffusers. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 26 x 26 x 30 cm + cord 100 cm

Lamello Skyscraper Pendant Lamp, 1970s

Decorative 1970s XL sized pendant lamp in the manner of Curits Jere, chromed lamello structure reminding of a sculptural sckyscraper. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 35 x 35 x 80 / 180 cm

“Chachacha” Lamps by Edward Van Vliet

Decorative set of wall mounted lamps designed by Edward Van Vliet, for Modular Lighting Systems in the early 1990s in Amsterdam. This lighting set is composed of over 10x pieces. Price is 225 Eur / pc for the small ones Price is 325 Eur / pc for the big ones Dimensions ( W x D…

Carl Aubock Floor Lamp, 1950s

Rare counterweight floor lamp from austrian designer Carl Aubock, painted metal elements matched with brass ones, original switch in brass housing. Original upper shade has been kept. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 30 x 30 x 32 cm

XL Art Deco French Wall Sconce

Large wall sconce was produced in France during the 1930s in a style reminiscent of Perzel. The piece features a golden-lacquered metal structure with 1 cm thick frosted glass blades, matched with a front half sphere textile diffuser. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 56 x 24 x 75 cm

Fontana Arte Style Blue Lamp, 1960s

One of this summer’s picks, original 1960s pendant lamp in the style of Fontana Arte, polished chrome structure with wooden elements, matching rectangular Murano mineral blue cristal glass. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 24 x 24 x 46 cm + chain 52 cm

Marcello Cuneo Chair for Mobel, 1970s

Lounge chair *Luisa* designed by the italian architect Marcello Cuneo around 1972 Chromium metal frame with skai upholstery. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 67 x 87 x 91 cm

French “Reeds” Wall Sconce, 1960s

Mid-century design wall sconce, designed in the style of Maison Jansen. Made in solid brass with decorative reeds with a minimalist rectangular fabric lamp shade. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 30 x 30 x 32 cm

Atomium Pedestal Lamp, 1960s

Sellette (stand) with sputnik shaped light in the centre and the light shades are made in round opalescent glass. The base of the stand is in a column shape with a black painted metal foot. The table top is made in black glass ensconced in the chrome. Dimensions ( W x D x H )…

Jean Louis Godivier for UP8, 1980s

Modern sleek design lounge chair & ottoman from french designer Jean Louis Godivier for UP8, black painted metal bases matched with dark grey & blure suede leather. Few marks on the suede on the low end of the feet Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 100 x 68 x 68 cm

Organic Tricolor Wall Sconce, 1950s

Midcentury French wall sconce in the shape of a small tree, organic bent brass structure matched with black and gold painted wooden wall mount base, original tricolor red / yellow / green paper clip-on shades. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 40 x 27 x 50 cm

2x Italian Domus Wall Lamps, 1960s

Set of 2x italian glass “domus” shaped wall / ceiling sconces – i actually bought them this summer in Italy among a few other ones. They come in nice large size with a touch of golden elegant glow. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 30 x 30 x 32 cm

Jugendstil Fischel Desk Chair, 1900s

Original early 20the century desk armchair by Fischel in Vienna, Austria. Bentwood structure matched with caning (fully renewed). Original remains of the sticker. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 57 x 60 x 100 cm / Seating : 47 cm

Minimalist Brass Cone Sconce

Mid-century wall sconce in full brass with a black painted ringlet holding the cone shaped diffuser. It has a terrific minimalist look. 2x small holes were drilled in the front plate. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 13 x 8 x 40 cm

Belgian Art Deco Mini Paravan

Early 20th century small sized screen, tinted oak wood frame with a colorful patchwork of paper tiles glued to a cardboard type one. Geometrical forms are typical from the Art Deco era. It has a great living patina. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 27 + 27 x 1 x 76 cm

Scandinavian E.S Floor Lamp, 1950s

Decorative mid-century scandinavian design floor lamp dating from the early 1950s. Round black painted metal base topped by three metal wires ending with a rotative central part. Adjustable brass arm ending with an opalescent glass pear shaped diffuser. Lamp is stamped E.S. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 21 x 60 x…

Italian P. Fornasetti Textile Floor Lamp

Italian midcentury floor flamp in neo-classic style – black painted metal parts matched with heavy brass parts. Shade print is the hot air balloons pattern from Piero Fornasetti. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 50 x 50 x 148 cm

M. Liisa Komulainen “Fuga” Sconce by Raak

  Raak Fuga sconce, 3 organ pipes next each other, natural aluminium color. Made by Raak Amsterdam, period of manufacturing 1970. Design by Maija Liisa Komulainen, Finland. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 21 x 9 x 40 cm    

School of Amsterdam Coatrack, 1920s

Useful Art Deco period hallway coatrack, produced under the influence of the School of Amsterdam. Combination of oak wood in several colors : natural, reddish tinted and ebonized matched with metal & wood hooks. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 90 x 18.5 x 23cm  

Organic Fern Imitation Chandelier

  Finally made it with this one… a lost n’ foud piece from our warehouse. Dating from the mid 1950s, this eye-catching chandelier is quite unique with an organic fern type decor growing out of a wooven brass filament basket. It has an intresting “living” type patina applied directly to the leaves. Dimensions ( W…

Italian Oblong Glass Sconces

This pair of sconces was produced in Italy in the 1950s. They are made from round shaped brass wall plates with brass arms and mounted with oval frosted glass diffusers. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 13 x 20 x 34 cm

2x Perspex & Brass Pendant Lamps

  Decorative set of 2x pendant lamps – structure combines wavy perspex diffusers with full brass structures. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 33 x 34.5 x 75 cm  

French Black & Yellow Trolley

French serving trolley made of square shaped metal structure matched with rigitulle. Top serving tray is removable and comes with light wood patterned laminate top. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 42 x 90 x 78 cm    

Italian Flower Floor Lamp, 1940s

Amazing Italian design lamp dating from circa 1946-1952. The lamp still has some design lines of the Art Deco era but also the lines of the upcoming 1950s. The central tulip shaped feet matched with chromed metal rods and flutes. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 45 x 45 x 172 cm

Italian Tripod Floor Lamp, 1950s

Nice Mid-Century Italian floor lamp, brass elements matched with opalescent glass diffusers and central teak wood rod. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 35 x 35 x 153 cm

Modernist Plywood Hallway Chairs, 1930s

Amazing set of 2x mid 1930s full painted plywood chairs – the full plywood structure lays on a tripod construction held by wood plugs. The high back seating part is 1 single piece of plywood which provides amazing flexibility. New cushion – design textil by Christine Hermans-Silencio Dimensions ( W x D x H )…

2x French Diabolo Sconces, 1950s

Set of two wall sconces produced in the early 1950s in a style reminiscent of some Art Deco base elements. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 16 x 24 x 38 cm

Italian Plywood Coatrack, 1950s

I bought this minimalist coatrack while on vacation near Perugia in Umbria, during a local market sale in the historical center of the city. It has a sleek design with a skateboard shaped plywood back matching black metal painted hanger bases. Each hanger has a 2x wooden elements ornating it a bit more. Dimensions (…

2x Luminalite Golden Arm Lamps

This pair of mid century wall lamps produced by Luminalite, are made from golden tinted aluminum shades, matched with black metal rods. The shades are adjustable. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 76 x 14 x 26 cm

Italian Multicolor Floor Lamp, 1950s

Decorative mid-century Italian floor lamp with detailed lacquered wood inserts – each hole is painted with a color, nicely veined marble base. Lamp shade is indicative and is not included due to transport reasons. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 54 x 54 x 170 cm

P. Chapo Style Brutalist Oakwood Chairs

Nice set of 4x french mid century dining chairs – in the manner of Pierre Chapo – they are crafted in massive oakwood and are quite heavy. Original screws. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 40 x 40 x 85 cm

Art Deco Maison Jansen Sconces

Shabby chic set of 2x neoclassic – Art Deco period wall sconces manufactured in France in the 1930s by Maison Jansen. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 25 x 12 x 35 cm

Metal Table Lamp by Mathieu Matégot

Small table lamp by Mathieu Matégot with perforated white/grey painted metal, the stand and switch are made in brass and the base is in black painted metal. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 13 x 13 x 18 cm

Boris Tabacoff Lady’s Easy Chair

Lady’s chair ‘s by Boris Tabacoff produced in the 1970s, the easy chair is made in white pleather and chromed metal feet. due to it’s slightly smaller size, it has the ideal size of a “chauffeuse”. Very architectural chair with the arm rests almost resembling to wings. Dimensions ( W x D x H )…

Modernist Geometrical Wall Sconce

Modernist wall sconce with geometrical shaped metal detailing on the bottom half of the shade with black painted overall base (squares) Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 47 x 7 x 47 cm

Italian Murano Glass Pendant Lamp

Italian Mazzega chandelier dating from the 1970s – bicolored Murano glass petals tainted with red stains – frosty clear glass. Original chromed structure / chain and ceiling cache. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 40 x 40 x 42 cm / chain 78 cm / overall 108 cm

Jacques Adnet Leather Newspaper Holder

Original early 1950s newspaper tray designed by Jacques Adnet – ovoid honeycomb shaped cast iron structure matched with brown piqué-sellier leather striped and handle. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 39 x 25 x 52 cm

2x Organic Design Wall Sconces

Decorative set of two wall sconces, mid-Century french productions probably by Maison Arlus. Black painted metal wall mounts matched with organic brass elements and oblong opalescent glass shades. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 34 x 13 x 60 cm

Italian Cone Floor Lamp, 1950s

Highly decorative mid century floor lamp originating from Italy. Qualitative matching of brass / lacquered & vernished wood / textile diffuser / painted metal. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 40 x 40 x 148 cm

2x Jacques Biny Night Table Lamps

Set of bedside lamps by Jacques Biny for Lita (France) in the 1950s. The shades can be turned up and down, wall-mounted. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 20 x 7.5 x 10 cm

2x Brushed Aluminium Wall Sconces

  Set of two wall sconces dating from the 1970s, brushed aluminium leaf shaped diffuser matched with chromed endings and white painted wall mounts. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 42 x 19 x 26 cm  

Jilrin Arm Lamp from L. Bosci & Co, 1940s

Very rare industrial architect’s table arm lamp by L. Bosci & Co dating from the 1940s, chromium metal arm structure matched with aluminium diffuser & original blueish glass lens. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 26 x 14 x 84 cm

Black & White Metal Umbrella Holder

Useful mid century umbrella holder, black & white painted perforated metal matched with brass base and plastic threads handle. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 23 x 14 x 73 cm

Gilded Metal Arc Mirror, 1970s

1970s french hallway mirror, bicolor gilded metal structure with arc shaped rods matched with central mirror part. It can be hung in portrait or landscape position. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 93 x 5 x 133 cm

Danish 1950s Fog & Morup Lamp

Classic pendant lamp with 3 x diabolo shaped brushed glass lamp shades. Each lamp attached with a tubular brass arm, that all attach to a solid teak wood center. Original ceiling cache in solid brass. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 50 x 50 x 59 cm

1970s Attr. Reggiani Chrome Table Lamp

Xl sized italian table lamp most probably made by Reggiani. Tree shaped lamp with balls fully chromed. Original 3x way switch working plus extra dimmer. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 56 x 56 x 74 cm

Italian 1950s Sputnik Chandelier

  Original mid century italian sputnik shaped chandlier with multicolor metal cone shaped endings matched with brass structure. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 87 x 87 x 82 cm    

Modernist Blue Opaline Hallway Console

Modernist hallway console originating from France, tubular chrome structure matched with black painted metal drawer and heavy 2cm thick blue opaline glass top. Chips on the top – see pictures Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 72 x 35 x 77 cm

Floor Lamp by Boris Lacroix for Lunel

  Floor lamp designed in France during the 1950’s by Boris Lacroix for LunelBlack painted metal floor lamp with three opalescent glass lamp shades. Each lamp shade is dirigible and has discrete brass trapeze shaped elements. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 50 x 50 x 167 cm  

1970s French Aluminium Wall Sconces

Set of 2x wall sconces originating from France – 1970s – half sphere shaped aluminium structures. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 26 x 14 x 22 cm

French Maison Lunel Arm Lamp

Decorative 1950s french Maison Lunel wall mounted counterweight type arm lamp. Brass matched with painted metal & tainted plastic. New textile diffuser. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 50 x 45 x 58 cm

Jan Schroefer 1935 Tubular Easy Chairs for Cirkel

Rare set of Bauhaus easy chairs dating from 1935, designed by Jan Schroefer for Circkel. Original cream colored skai upholstery matched with nickeled metal frame and black painted armrests. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 80 x 68 x 84 cm

Italian Shellac Wood Trolley Bar

Decorative mid century italian trolley bar. Ebonized wood side bars with brass rim matched with shellac rosewwod corpus with an insert of village life scenery. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 70 x 50 x 95 cm

Mid-Century Multicolor Mosaic Wall Mirror

Decorative mid century round shaped wall mounted mirror, the frame is massive brass circle with mosaic tiles and several colors and original mirror. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 65 x 4,5 x 65 cm

French Minimalist Wall Sconces

Pair of Minimalist french high end wall sconces lamps. Brass structure matched with black flute shaped bases and perforated metal rings. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 26 x 16 x 29 cm

Art Nouveau French Paravan

Original Art Nouveau period French paravan, room divider. Four leaves massive exotic wood panels hand-carved with floral motives, iris flowers, lotus flowers, water reed, and maple tree. The screen is carved on both sides with the same pattern. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 200 x 3 x 183 cm

Art Deco Clip-On Shades Chandelier

Decorative french chandelier dating from the 1930s. The fixture is suspended to 3x wire cables with a wavy nickeled metal structure topped by 6x clip-on textile shades. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 80 x 80 x 73 cm

Italian Articulated Wall Arm Lamp

  Nice midcentury design wall-mounted arm lamp, red painted metal diffuser and black base matched with an adjustable brass arm. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 18 x 17 x 65 cm  

“Abstrakta” Sideboard by Jos De Mey

Rare and early 1950s version of the “Abstrakta” sideboard designed by Jos De Mey for Van Den Berghe. Mahogany wood in solid and veneered coprus matched with brass hinges and key entries. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 200 x 47 x 98

1950s Vegetal Decor Gilded Mirror

Decorative 1950s wall mounted mirror, bicolor gilded & painted metal structure with vegetal decor. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 93 x 5 x 133 cm

Alfredo Barbini Table Lamps

  Simply amazing … and 100% italian high end design from Alfredo Barbini… XL sized opalescent glass diffusers that serve as holding structures for the inlayed vases for multi flower compositions. Chromed metal bases Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 33 x 34 x 34 cm

Italian Umbrella Chandelier

Mid century italian manufactured chandelier. Black painted structure matched with brass elements. Dimensions ( W x D x H ) : 70 x 70 x 90 cm