Opt Art Screen Prints / 1970s

Original screen prints from the Stadsschouwburg of Utrecht, dating from the mid 1970s, they came in a variety of colors and form declinations of the “S” letter, lovely Space Age wall decoration in Opt Art manner. We will soon post those we still have for sale… Meanwhile, just enjoy.    

Ferrari Museum / Maranello / Italy

I’m not a huge car fan… but, If you go to Italy… don’t miss out this one More information on the manufacturing skills would have been appreciated… Bella macchina…

Banksy @ Moco

Opened in 2016, the Moco Museum is housed in the Villa Alsberg, located in the middle of Museumplein – the historical center of Amsterdam. The museum focuses on contemporary art with a qualitative agenda of exhibitions dedicated to nowadays artists.   The building’s architecture is by Edward Cuypers, cousin of the well-known dutch architect Pierre Cuypers,…

Street Art in Amsterdam

On buying trip in Amsterdam, i came across a few of them… Colors, graphics, sizes for all tastes. I took me a few hours and a couple of kilometers… But i guess it was worth been collected ! Bye,